Our Kenneka Jenkins Episode is Live

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Kenneka Jenkins left quite the mystery behind following her disappearance. The young Chicago native disappeared from a party in a nearby hotel. Footage revealed her final moments as she navigated her way to an unused kitchen in the lower levels of the hotel. Her body would eventually be found inside of a walk-in freezer the following night. Although the case seemed pretty open and shut, being ruled an accidental death, internet sleuths began to dive deep into the footage released.

The police department investigating the death released footage from hotel surveillance cameras, showing the final moments of Jenkins life. Protests lead to the departments decision to release the footage, with the hopes of squashing any conspiracies around her death. However, the footage would become a hot bed of internet theories, both plausible and totally unrealistic. We break down all the questionable footage during this weeks episode, diving in to get live reactions as we sift through footage from all sources. Check your show notes for links to the videos we discuss during the episode.

Click here to listen to the episode now! Don’t forget to head over to That’s Strange to keep up to date on all future content. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Downright Creepy, we absolutely love our partnership with them and if you are into our content, you will be right at home. While there check out Chad’s gaming articles in the DRC Gaming section.

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