Our Revamp of Strange Theatre is Live

Fear Street: 1994': Burning questions about Netflix trilogy - Los Angeles  Times

Our newest episode of ‘Strange Theatre’ marks our newest rendition of the spinoff series. In previous episodes we would sit down together to watch a movie while recording our thoughts live. This new formula seeks to be easier for our audience to enjoy. Instead of recording while watching the movie, requesting that you start the podcast at the same time as the movie, we’ve made things much simpler. We are simply watching the movie on our own time and then bringing our thoughts to the table afterwards to discuss. Making an easier listening experience for you!

On this weeks episode of ‘Strange Theatre’ we sat down to discuss the first film in the ‘Fear Street’ trilogy, ‘Fear Street: Part One-1994’. We go over the entire film beginning to end while injecting our opinions along the way. Based on the books by R.L. Stine, the film sets the opening for a trilogy of films that all take place at different times. Revolving around the town of Shadyside and their gruesome history, the film lays the ground work for the story of Sarah Fier. With plenty of homage paid to classic slasher films, ‘1994‘ brings back that classic 90’s slasher feeling that was last seen in ‘Scream’.

Click here to listen to the episode now! Don’t forget to head over to That’s Strange to keep up to date on all future content. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Downright Creepy, we absolutely love our partnership with them and if you are into our content, you will be right at home. While there check out Chad’s gaming articles in the DRC Gaming section.

If you have any recommendations on topics you would like to see us cover in a future episode, drop by Facebook to let us know!

-That’s Strange

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